Giovanni Robinson Sr., Ph.D

Dr. Giovanni Robinson Sr. started his ministerial career 26 years ago as a worship leader and ordained Deacon in 1993 in Knoxville, TN at “True House of God”, under Bishop Bobby Jean Moore. While under Bishop Moore he served as her interim Armor Bearer, taught Sunday school, spearheaded the churches transportation bus ministry, conducted community outreach and assisted the Bishop with the churches radio broadcast ministry “God’s Gospel Hour”, which included operating/answering the prayer-line and receiving on the air ministry requests.

In 1996, Dr. Robinson decided to serve his country and enlist into the Unites States Army as an Artillery Man and later a Military Police.  In 1998 Dr. Robinson was chosen by his Battalion Chaplin to serve as the Unit’s first ever Youth Minister, in their Unit Ministry Team (UMT). Throughout his 20 years of service in the US Army, in addition to his daily job and responsibilities, Dr. Robinson would go on to serve as either a Youth Leader or Youth Minister at a variety of duty stations and in a variety of places, to include the combat zone. Dr. Robinson provided daily leadership, community outreach ministry and counseling, on and off the battlefield.

In 2014 while serving at World Outreach Worship Center (WOWC), Newport News, VA under Senior Pastor Russell Evenson, Dr. Robinson served in the churches Protection Ministry. In 2016, Dr. Robinson would later move to Cape Coral, FL with his family and serve as a Youth Leader at Fort Myers Christian Outreach Center (FMCOC), under Senior Pastor Lynn Blanco and Pastor William Patrick Miller Jr.  Dr. Robinson would later go on to assist Pastor William Patrick Miller Jr., Senior Pastor of Nations Choice Worship Center-Cape Coral in launching another branch of his church in the Cape Coral, FL area. While there, he served as Assistant Pastor and was instrumental in winning souls to Jesus Christ and growing the ministry. 

 In 2018 Dr. Robinson would go on to become the Senior Pastor of One In Christ Community Church. The church has one of the largest Outreach Ministries in Lee County, FL (We Care Outreach Ministry) that was founded by Elder Tanya Johnson-Duclona and Senior Deacon Fortilus Duclona. In 2019, Dr. Robinson completed Seminary school and earned his Master’s and later on his Ph.D. in Theology.  As an effective communicator of God’s Word, Dr. Robinson is widely known for his practical and dynamic teaching style which helps people apply the timeless truths of the Scripture to their everyday lives. Many lives have been touched by this phenomenal leader’s message of hope, love and inspiration. He has earned the reputation of being a gifted teacher and preacher of the Bible. Dr. Robinson is an anointed man of God and a visionary who is committed to excellence in ministry and the teaching of God’s word.